Gain a unique marketing edge with our professional digital signage solutions...

We are committed to providing dedicated, high quality and responsive digital solutions to each of our clients after thoroughly considering their specific marketing needs.Our comprehensive set of technical and creative services are tailor made and designed to suit the needs of a wide range of clientele.



Research shows that digital signage and entertainment platforms drive customer loyalty and increase sales for bar and restaurant owners. Cheers to a successful business!

Real Estate

The best looking real estate displays. We are using the top range commercial grade monitors to ensure that your real estate displays will last a very long time!

Beauty Salons

If you’re a salon owner, you know how important the visual appeal of your salon is to your customers! We create eye-catching product digital displays for professional salons.

Retail and Mall

Do you want to have a digital signage display for your shopping center that really has the ‘wow factor’? We create an innovative digital signage solution for the contemporary retail parks.


Bars have always been attractive to advertisers ... give suppliers a lively new platform to market their products. Our displays with full HD capabilities give remarkable picture quality.

Car Dealers

Digital display is the most powerful communication medium you can use to influence your customer’s in-store buying decision.We provide the best looking retail displays.

Exhibition Venues

Digital signage for exhibitions is an invaluable way to promote your business or product. Exhibitions can benefit from a range of our products which are easy to transport and set up.

Casino & Gaming

Why use digital display or signage in gaming and casinos? Give directions on where to find tickets, entrances and seating, advertise your show, promote upcoming events, restaurants and merchandise.


University or school digital displays deliver attractive video-based messages, reaching students in a place where their eyes are drawn and they cannot change the channel. If there is a sale at the campus bookstore, a concert, a safety tip, or a change in registration schedules, a dynamic digital display can deliver the message. No print poster can offer this magnitude of attraction.




We Create Digital Advertising Displays For Businesses

 We serve businesses from all kinds of industries. We can discuss your promotional needs and derive comprehensive digital marketing solutions to help increase your sales. Our clients include:

 -- Real Estate Agencies

-- Restaurants/Cafés

-- Retail Stores

--Beauty Salons

-- Car Dealers

-- Nightclubs

-- Exhibition Venues

We can provide assist with:

Digital Advertising

Are you interested in advertising your products or services but aren’t sure where to begin? Get in touch with us now and we’ll visit your premises to discuss your digital advertising needs.

We provide:

-- The Top Of The Range Commercial Grade Displays/Adhesive Films (designed to work 24/7)

-- A Custom Built PC To Upload Your Con

-- Content Management Software


Our creative design experts can take care of all your branding needs, including:

-- Designing of logos and illustrations

-- Photo manipulation

-- Animations

-- Sound, visual and special effects

-- 2D/3D modelling

-- Creation of slideshows for window adverts


Our high quality adhesive film and state-of-the-art displays are bound to draw attention and increase foot traffic in your store. We provide product installation services and we ensure that the installation is done as quickly as possible and in the most thorough manner. This is why our technicians:

-- Familiarise themselves with the site where the product is to be installed before they actually install it

-- Install all products safely and securely

-- Provide you guidelines for follow up maintenance as well as support

Advertise in Style

Do you want to launch your new product in style? Are you interested in showcasing your product range right on your shop window? How about turning your window into an interactive screen that people can actually interact with?
Regardless of whether you want a simple poster display or a sophisticated interactive touchscreen display to showcase your latest product collection – we have something in store for you!

Why not utilize your window space to display advertisements and generate revenue?
We have a solution for your every need – get in touch with us now and let us tell you how we can help you!


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